Near Stromstad in Northern of Bohuslan you’ve got a fantastic scenery of old carvings. These carvings are, propably made, 1700-200 B.C.

The Vitlycke pour is not too far from Tanum shopping center or Tanum station. You also got a busstop called vitlycke just hundred meters from the carvings. You are able to get her by bus from Gothenburg central station in a couple of hours.

The couple is the most famous of these carvings. Scientists think the guy behind the couple is some form of a priest that declares the couple as married..

The stone is wide and I discovered I could use some kind of fish eye here. Maybe a drone could be useful. There is a lot of boats on all the carvings.

To the left from the picture you’ve got a vitlycke trail with even older carvings. Here you also see a lot of boats.

On other side of road they have restored a bronceage village.

Here you could try working as a blacksmith or try an old bow from bronceage.

Close by there is an exciting museum with lot of stories and finds from the surrounding. read more about the place on .