In Oerebro you´ve got an old medieval castle or kingdom fortress that has been very important for Sweden through many centuries. People are not sure when the first castle where built but the old Folkungaking Engelbrekt built a tower in the 14:th century. It was also used as a goverment building through the many wars in the 14:th and 15:th centuries. Gustav Wasa concurred the castle in early 16:th century and therefore got the crown in 1522.
Our last king, King Karl XVI:s oldoldoldold grandfather Jean Baptiste Bernadotte bought his crown here in 1810. The kingdom had trouble after that Gustaf IV got prisoned because he lost Finland to the russians and his uncle, King Karl XIII that took over the crown, where old and did not have any children. People in Sweden where very interested in getting a King who where able to take back Finland, Norway and northern Germany. Another important reason where also that the swedish people where tired of the old Wasa dynasti and wanted another. In Stockholm people where fighting on the streets and therefore the goverment joined here in Orebro. They where discussing where to find a successor who could make Sweden a powerful country again. There where a couple of different relatives, dukes and warmen from all over Europe who Sweden thought could make the job. One that where already adopted by Karl XIII to heritage the crown was Karl August of Augustenburg. This man got adopted in januar 1810 but got killed in Skane(southern Sweden) in 1810. Karl XIII had adopted this man so he could inherit the crown from him.
The son of Gustav IV, prince Gustav Gustavsson of Wasa, was not interested in taking over the crown because he felt anxious about all the fightings but the Wasa-party in Sweden tried to persuade him.
A lieutenant in the Swedish army with the name Carl Otto Morner af Morlanda got the mission to get a new man for the job. This man had for a long time spoken for a French high officer to rule Sweden and take back countries that we lost during the last years. There where a lot of different opinions and one party driven by this lieteunant Carl Otto af Morner had made a campaign of getting a french Marshal running the Swedish Kingdom because these where considered good men in battles. Carl Otto af Morner got the mission to find a Swedish king in France and travelled to Paris finding an interested marshal. Napoleon, however, suggested that Sweden took a king from the old Folkungaheritage to be a new king. Morner then ripped off the French court by saying that Sweden wanted a French Marshal to be a king. He then got preference by Jean Baptiste Bernadotte and this man showed a great delight for the job. When Morner got back to Sweden the Swedish goverment where very angry that he had tried this and accused him for fraud. Why was propably because the goverment hadn’t agreed making a french marshal their King. The Swedish goverment then placed him in a house arrest. After a while Napoleon Bonaparte agreed in making Jean Baptiste Bernadotte to the Swedish king by getting adopted of Karl XIII and Morner got out again. Sweden needed a strong King and the money that they’ll get from France. One reason why Napoleon agreed was because he needed help against the englishmen and demanded sweden to take part of the war but Sweden just made a fakewar and kept the trading in secret between the countries. Jean Baptiste instead concurred Norway and Norway wasn’t too happy but accepted a union between the 2 countries. The war against Norway was the last war Sweden has joined and we then lived in peace from the early 19:th century. The castle or fortress got told first time in early 14:th century but is propably a couple of centuries older. Many of the original swedish kingdoms like the folkungaslakt (peoplekingdomfamily) ruled as kings and dukes here. The castle has also been captured of different european kings like Alfred of Mecklenburg, different danish kings and in 1522 Gustav Vasa.

The tower with steps behind the round tower is the oldest buildings and was built in the 14:th century by King Magnus Eriksson(folkungaslakt).

This is the north side of the castle where youve got 2 medieval canons standing. In the right tower of this picture youve got a museum where you are able to see old weapons, pictures, a WC used in the 15:th century, how a meal could look like and stories about the people living here during old times.

This is the entrance to the museum. You have to go on a small terrace to the right when you are standing in fron of the main entrance.
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