As in most countries you’ll get a long way by learning the language. You’ll hear a lot of suedes talking english but you’ll never get any close to people without learning the swedish language. If you are looking for jobs in Sweden you need to learn the language. Swedish is a mixture of the ancient nordic languages , influences from Germanic, latin and russian. If you know some english, german or french it will be some easier. Especially for pronounciation. In Sweden we’ve got some unique words that you do not see in any other languages. One is Lagom. In Swedish Lag is team if you translate it to english, om is around so the word lagom could be translated like “team around” in english. Suedes are known for being cold and boring and I beleive one of our favorite word is Lagom. That will say we nearly never shout, are in a hurry getting angry and so on. Except when we are drinking. Most suedes could also look shy for foreigners. You see a big difference between, for example, taking a seat on a bus or tram in Sweden and italy. In Italy you see people sit near eachothers and discuss yesterday football, debate or lot of other things. Most suedes try to get their own seat and do not want to bother the guy sitting near by. But don’t worry. Most suedes are, actually, quite nice and will try to give you help if you ask about anything. You’ll have to visit us to find out your self. Youll see a quite good description of us on

To get close to suedes you’ll need learning the language. As I wrote before. I suggest learning the language by listening to the news. If you just been here for a week or month I suggest you start with some free courses. Luckily you’ve got tons of free courses on the internet. I give you some examples here. is a free course made of Swedish institute that gives you a good beginning. You’ll have to be able to understand english.

Digitala spåret is another popular course amongst immigrants in sweden.

chinastudies is a free course in swedish if your native language is chinese(Puthongua).

Duolingo is a populare free course on the web. This course more for writing, learn the grammar and vocabular.

UR språkplay is a free course from swedish media where you are able to learn the swedish language for free. Check it out here>>>

I also suggest, after learning the basics, you start listening to swedish. A good way could be by joining an association that work with some of your hobbies. Gardening, bridge, chess, football, bowling or anything and listen to your mates tactics or solutions for making the hobby work. This also gives lot of opportunities getting new friends.

Sweden is known for most wintersports like Bandy, Icehockey, skiing and skating but the latest century also contains a lot of sports that are practised indoors or summertime. You’ll see most of the sports Sweden has done on english wikipedia . In most societies in Sweden you’ve got some kind of association that are practising sports, hobbies or making social events. Ask the local county desk or local news papers.

When you feel more comfortable with the language try listening to news, audiobooks or checking swedish news on tv. You are able to see them for free on the net. Like ,, kanal5, and many more. I have linked some hundred more, both swedish and english, sites where you are able to see tv for free on

If you’ve got some more suggestions on where to learn swedish then please add an answer or contact me and I’ll see what I am able to do.

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