If you are visiting Stockholm you should take a quick trip to Gotland. You’ve got plenty of buses and trains going from the central in Stockholm to the Gotland ferry therminal in Nynashamn. Ckeck out destination Gotland>>>.

Northern wall Visby

You’ll arrive by the harbour with ferry. Near the harbour you’ll find this wonerful little park. This is almedalen(something like Elm Valley). Here you see all our politicians gives a speech every year. Known as “Almedals veckan”. This small park where the harbour during medeival time.

Poder tower

Beside Almedalen you’ll find the oldest part of the wall. Kruttornet or “powder tower”. This tower where built 1151 and where used for protecting the harbour(today Almedalen). The tower where later used as prison. If someone said you where a whitch during the 17:th century you had to spend your time in a cold cell here. Without food or water. Then, in 18:th century the tower where used storing gun powder. The big defence wall where bult during the 13:th century. Mostly because the peasants in Gotland where not satisfied on how Visby ruined them in taxes and terror. Later the town where conquerred by the danish king Valdemar the fourth. King Valdemar demanded the inhabitants to fill three big beer barrels with gold and he got his gold in no time. These barrels where then shipped to his hometown Vordingborg in south Zealand. However tha big Hansa union where not happy with Valdemars escapades and he had to pay for this later.

Gotland museum

You’ll see more of these stories on Gotland Museum.

Lilla strandporten

This is Lilla strandporten(little beach port) that leads you to strandgatan(beach road) and in to the city Visby. This where earlier an harbour port and customs port.

Sodra murgatan

The town is containing a lot of older houses, cafĂ©es, smaller hotels and lot of small shops. I suggest you visit this small city because you’ll get contact with a lot of nice people(they are actually speaking the oldest know swedish dialect).

Stor Cristin

Behind the small streets you’ll see the wall and different towers. This is eastern wall with the tower Stor Cristin(big cristin).

Pippi Longstocking

In Visby the first of Pippi Longstockings films where recorded. Read more on astridlindgren.com>>> .

In Visbt you find a lot of Bed&breakfast and nearby a good supermarket.

Ica supermarket

Ica supermarket is a quite common supermarket in Sweden. This one you’ll find quite central in Visby. Check google maps>>> .