Capital of Sweden. I think this is the only town you usually hear about abroad. Because we here got the nobel-banquet. I will show you more. Do you got anything to tell us about this town. Please add your pictures and story.
I give you some pictures here.


Usually you first get to centralstation in Stockholm after arriving on Arlanda or Bromma airport. The first thing to visit is Gamla Stan(Old town) and to do that youll need to cross vasabron to get over Riddarfjaerden.
Gamla stan, or “staden mellan broarna(the town between bridges)” is built by Birger Jarl in the 13:th century as a lock for Maelaren(the Gulf with Birka) and had great walls around the houses. Birger Jarl then had opportunity to get fees for merchants passing by for selling things in Sweden.
Birger Jarl is known as the man who united three kingdoms to one. That is why you see three crowns in a lot of Swedens logos.
The first building you see when passing Vasabron is Riddarhuset(house of knights).




If you turn your head to the right youll see stadshuset(city hall) where the Nobel Banquet take place.



The royal castle of Sweden is actually the biggest royal castle in the world with 600 rooms in 7 floors. You are able to get a guided tour here for about 9€ or 12$.


The castle is guarded by the High-guard(Hoegvakten) who acts like the beefeaters in London. That will say they may not smile or laugh.


After passing the castle and Big Church you walk along Stortorget(Big Square) also built in the 13:th century.


On Stortorget the Swedish Academy got its adress. This is where a lot of old people in the Swedish academy decide who will get the Nobel Price this year.

In the house youll find the Nobelmuseum. This month they had an exhibition about Hertha Müller . Herta Müller is a Romanian author that wrote poetry in Romania with their secret police, securitate, chasing her and made her unemployed because she refused cooperate with them.
She managed to escape in 1987 and got a lot of literary awards and also worked as a guest proffessor in many universities. Read more about Hertha Müller and nobelmuseum on


If you dont got time to earn a noble medal you are able to buy one in the shop on Nobel Museum.


Martha Bojassen are selling them in the Nobelmuseum shop. She also loves to tell you about all nobelprice taken the last hundred years.


Around Stortorget you´ve got a lot of alleys and small restaurants. This is Anchor Alley.


This is another by the quarter of Pyreneus in the south of Gamla stan.


Another option could be taking the Tram out on Djurgaarden(animal farm).


Easiest way is taking the Tram from Nybroplan near Dramatic theatre in Stockholm. You are able to pay by mobile or with tickets bought in Seven Eleven. It costs you about 4€ or 5$ for a 1 hour trip.


The tram take you all the way out to Waldemars udde. On the way you pass Wasa museum, Skansen and Groena Lund.
Waldemarsudde was the swedish prince Eugens residens and this prince loved painting. Out in this castle you also got lovely exhibitions with art and poetry.


On Waldemarsudde you got a nice view over Stockholm.


Near Groena Lund, not far from Valdemars udde, you are able to take the Djurgaardsferry back to Gamla stan again. Now you have to pay another ticket that costs about the same. It is well worth the money.


The first stopp is Skeppsholmen. Skeppsholmen is an island with 4 museums. In the 17:th century the island where used by the Swedish fleet to defend Stockholm against the russians. You are able to walk from Skeppsholmen to Blaiseholmen by a bridge and could be worth a visit.


With the ferry you are passing Groena Lund. The tivloi in Stockholm,


and wasamuseum.


You are also passing a couple of all the ferries going to Finland and Aaland. You are able to visit finland, Estonia and all the other countries round the Baltic sea for an affordable price of about 20€ or 25$.


The ferry stops by slussen. From where you are able to walk back again. It is just a couple of kilometers back to centralstation.


In November you are able to go skating in Kungstradgarden(Kings garden). You rent a pair of skates nearby and go for some roundabouts on the ice.
Ive got some more pics from Stockholm and will put them on later. Please add some more information and pictures if youve been in Stockholm.









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