Visby Gotland

Visby is a quite unique little town in Scandinavia. Around the whole city you’ve got a 3,4 kilometers long wall built in the 13:th century. This is the northern port and should be the oldest port in the wall. Why these habitants built this wall should be because the freemen of the city where frightened of all the farmers around the island. The farmers sometimes got worried due to the harvest or simply because they where angry about the taxes for bringing the goods to the harbour. The city also had some trouble with different kings around the baltic sea and had to protect the population. In 1361 the Danish king, Waldemar Atterdag, conquerred the city after taking the swedish landscapes in southern of Sweden. Like Halland and Skaane. Waldemar Atterdag where king for the danish kingdom from 1338 to 1375 and had, as all other kings in europe, a lot of fighting with other Kingdoms in this region. During this time there where some fighting in Sweden and Atterdag took advantage of these wars inside the country of Sweden. He actually succeeded in getting both south of Sweden and Norway due to all these breakups in Sweden. The Hansa union who ruled all the trade in the baltic sea got worried. especially after Waldemar took tax for the herring trade in Baltic sea. They then gave Waldemar 77 war explanations and Waldemar suddenly had all the kingdoms around the sea against him. Eventually this forced Waldemar to flee Denmark. The island continued belonging to Denmark for a couple of centuries. It wasn’t until Peace of Roskilde 1658 that Gotland became Swedish again. The island where populated from ice age and got a lot of vistors from all over the world. You also find a lot of graves and treasures from old times. Vejle museum had an exchibition about the connections here during wiking age. You’ll see a pdf about their exhibition on vejles museums websight>>>

All the way inside the city you’ll see all these towers. There is 3 main ports and 50 towers around the city.

In many of these towers you’ve got stairs.

So you are able to see the city from a bit above sealevel.

A picture from outside the wall to the west. In the background you are seeing the baltic sea.

If you walk to the harbour from the north through the city you’re gonna pass this tower. Called the powdertower. This tower should be the oldest of the towers in Visby and is built in the 12:th century as a defending castle where knights could see what was going on in the old harbour here.

After you have passed the powdertower you stand in almedalen. The old harbour of Visby. This is the place where all politic parties make their announcements every summer. It is a quite big event and Visby is crowded with people during this week.

This is “little beachport” close to Almedalen.

Just behind it you’ll find Hotel Strandporten . A nice hotel near the center of the city with wifi, cable tv, breakfast and everything you´ll need for comfort. Read more about it here>>> .

Near by you’ll see Gotland museum with a lot of information about Gotland from ice age to ours. Gotland is known for its skilled blacksmiths that been active since 2000 B.C. Waldemar Atterdag actually forbid the inhabitants on this island to trade iron with the Finnish people. He maybe where afraid of getting resistance from these countries. The people on this island is also  famous for joining the war against rome. You’ve got a lot of relics from these periods. Gotland got 80% of silver treasures that are found in all scandinavia. Most from 200 to 800 AC with arabic and roman silvercoins. You’ll see more on . Up to the right on the page you are able to translate it to nearly every languages.

A couple of kilometers south from Visby you’ve got the Kneippbyn that is an amusement park for the famous Pippi Longstocking written by Astrid Lindgren. Most of the tv series are recorded in Visby and the “Villa villerkulla” has been situated in Kneippbyn just a couple of kilometers from Visby. Today you are able to get in to Kneippbyn during summertime. read more about it on

The Pippi Longstocking Collection (Pippi Longstocking / Pippi Goes on Board / Pippi in the South Seas / Pippi on the Run) DVD

Lodging in Visby

I tried a nice bed and breakfast during my days in Visby.

The B&B I tried you’ll find on Sodra murgatan 14 in Visby. Visby innerstad & Lagenheter>>>

Nice bed with a view to the citywall.

Flatscreen on the wall. Well, you just had four channels. 1, 2, 4 and 6. where channel 6 mostly gives programs with english.

The bathroom was small but enough for getting a good shower and get shaved.

You’ll get a breakfast in the morning with coffee and are also able to cook something for your self.

Just outside the kitchen you see a nice terrace where you sit comfortable in the morning sun during summer time.

You’ve got many other exciting hotels in Visby. An exciting one is
Visby Bors>>>

A couple of hundred meters south you’ll find a supermarket with food, shaving foam, tooth paste and most what you need during your stay here.

Check it out here>>>

I give you some more pictures here. I will, later on put up some more.

How to get here

The easiest way to get here from Stockholm is taking the train from Stockholm central to Nynashamn and then the ferry from Nynashamn to Visby.  You’ll get here with the commuter in just around one hour. Se more on>>>

The terminal for destination gotland is just a couple of hundred meters away. Read more about the ferry on>>>