Other places in Sweden

I write topics about other places in Sweden here. Will maybe later on add some more pages about Sweden. If you do´nt live or has visited other places in Sweden and would like to tell about it then plase add your topic here.

Some of the places I submitted so far is Nyköping(New Market). A beautiful old historic town with a lot of historic buildings. Check it out here>>>

Another place you should visit sometime is Kramfors (Hug Stream). See some pictures from this forgotten place in Sweden>>>

Ängelholm (Angel Islet) is the place where you´ll find an old railway museum who tells you a lot about the first railroads and telegraph system in Sweden. They also got the oldest preserved Oak in the whole scandinavia here standing in the library. Check it out>>>

In Oerebro (something like trout bridge) you got a medieval castle or fort where our last Royal family started their carreer. It is just 2 hours with the train from Gothenburg or Stockholm so youll have to check it out. See more here>>>

You’ll have to see Visby on Gotland. I got some pictures this spring. Watch these out here>>>

If you would like to see great nature, wild animals and skislope you should try some of the cities in northern Sweden like


I’ll give you some more later this week.


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