Borders are closed but, just wait, we are going back to normal again.

I think most of us are tired of the word “Corona” or “covid-19”. Every country in the world are closing their borders. Now also Denmark has locked out us suedes for crossing their borders. Well if you cross borders for living(working), has to visit a funeral, maybe got your love in Denmark then you are allowed. If you want to visit Denmark for shopping or just tourism you’ll need a negative check from health auctorities not older then 72 hours. Se more on . The problem here in Scandinavia has been the panic from our politicians. One day the borders are open and the next they are closed. Great Britain is also locking borders for Denmark. The same for other countries like Sweden, Germany and France. See more on . But it looks like we are near a solution right now. I put some feeds on what is happening with vaccine at the moment.

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