Everything is closing down in Sweden

The difference, compared to rest of europe, is that in Sweden you are allowed to go out. This is because goverment are not allowed to ban people from their freedom on going shopping, visit different places and forming a crowd. In Sweden we say “recommend” of not visiting or gather together in crowds. However, most sport events, restaurants, bars and airports are closed. Swedish people are following the health authoritys recommendations. However, everything is not dull regarding this pandemia. I don’t think the air has been so clean and nice in Gothenburg for centuries. Many takes the opportunity to visit parks. Like botanical garden in Gothenburg.

The cherries are beginning flowering in Gothenburg this time of the year. This is a japan cherry(Prunus nipponica) that are showing beautiful flowers and smell marvellous.

These branches are fantastic to capture in backlight.

I will visit this place in a couple of weeks and see all the cherries. Ta da.

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