Sweden is a quite long country with a lot of different areas. From north with arctic climate to the south with more tempered climate(you are able to survive the winter).

As in most other countries in Europe or the world Sweden are also built by immigrants. In sweden people where not so interested in writing things down like other countries as China, Ur, South america or Egypt. People where more interested in making pictures. You are able to see some of our first “books” in Vitlycke, Tanum.

This is one of the stones you see here. I‘ve written a page about vitlycke here>>>.

We are also known as a country with a lot of combattants like the vikings. We had a couple of vikings here during 7:th to 12:th century and these went to the east. Contrary the danes who went west and conquerred most of the eastern coast in United Kingdom.

After the vikings there where conflicts between lot of kings in Sweden and that utilized a danish king. The danish king Waldemar Atterdag conquerred south of Sweden and Gotland 1360-61. If you get here you should visit Visby on Gotland. Visby is an exciting village with a lot of historic buildings.

This is “Lilla strandporten” or the little beachport seen from Almedalen in Visby. The port ended here a couple of years ago. When sea level was higher. In Almedalen we’ve got a meeting with all our political parties in Sweden where they present their political wishes for the next years. This meeting has growed over the years and are now also containing a lot of other movements. However, the politicians are getting tired fo this spectacle and prefer to visit other parts of Sweden during the week. Like our prime minister Stefan Löfven.