You need to visit Stroeget when you are in Copenhagen


From the main Railwaystation in Copenhagen you walk to the Town Hall square(radhuspladsen in danish). When youve been walking from Copenhagen main Railwaystation you gonna see the street Stoeget right across the Square in front of The big Town Hall.
On this picture youve got Railway to the right and Stroeget to the left.


This is the entrance of Stroeget and you are looking to the left.


Along the street youll see all sort of people, stands with different candy, souvenirs and food. This is kind of strange statue in the middle of Stroeget.


He succeded in frighten a lot of people walking by and it looked like he had a lot of fun scaring people.


The police on stroeget is mostly these mounted police on beatiful horses. The horses look like they like people. The police had to stop some from feeding them with sweet almonds and that kind of stuff. Very popular horses among the kids.


Another place worth a visit is Guiness world of records museum on Oestergade 16. On the outside there is a statue of Robert Wadlow in real size. 2.72 m. Inside you could try driving a Dragster to 508 km/h in 6 seconds, a horror house and most of the persons and records in the book.


When youve been walking for half an hour you reach Nyhavn. Nyhavn is a part of Copenhagen built by Swedish prisoners int the 17:th century. It has an old history of prostitution, drunk sailors and artists. Like the famous painter H.G.F. Holm, HC Andersen and other artists used to visit the tea shop on Store Strandgade. The tea shop is now restaurant Els They still got a lot of paintings from H.G.F. Holm on the walls.


Along the quay on north side in Nyhavn youve got a lot of restaurants with beef, heerings, snaps, wine and beers for an affordable price. Youll get a good lunch here for about 20€ and a pint for maybe 3.


In the channel you choose from 2 different companies that guide you round Copenhagen harbour in four different languages in a one hour trip for 10€. In the channel you also find old fishing boats that where used during last century for getting lobsters, herring and crabs.


You still find some old red district bars in Nyhavn but just for keeping the tradition. You do not see many of these now a days in Nyhavn.


Close to Nyhavn you had the Amber museum or the house of Amber. Unfortunately they got problems this summer and got bankruptcy the 24:th of July.

Amber is the first gem found in Denmark and where very popular amongst the greeks because it had an ability in making electricity. The greeks called it electron and by that way founded the word for electricity as we see it today. On the picture you see Trine that love to tell you about the Amber. Different ways of using it in jewellery and how it got made from old pine trees more then 30 million years ago. Read more about danish amber on national museum>>>.


One exciting place could be wagamama you find just outside Tivoli on Tietgensgade 20.

Jette tells us that this is an Asian restaurant with mostly Japanese food where you get a good meal from 3€ to a whole dinner from 10€ and a pint for maybe 3.


In the station you also got different kind of restaurants and pubs like O´Learys where you are able to get fish and chips for about 15€ and,m if you visit the place between 16-18 on friday, you get 2 beers for the price of one. I Promise you get full satisfied if you get this meal down.
Copenhagen is definitely worth a visit. For more information about this wonderful town please check

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