Now the christmas starts in Copenhagen


All of Stroeget is now decorated with all kind of christmas decorations.
On Højbro Plads(Hoejbro square) youve got a little christmas market with all kinds of cheese, salami, warm clothes and sweets.
Højbro Plads is a relative new square built after the great fire in 1795 to make a firewall so the residents had an option to stop the fire before it reaches the rest of the town. Most houses where made of wood in older ages and therefore where very easy to catch fire.
On the square youve got a statue of the bishop Absalon who many thinks founded Copenhagen during the 12:th century. Tha square got its name from the Højbro(high-bridge) bridge that Absalon had to build before building his castle on slotsholmen(castle islet).
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Youll find Højbro Plads on google maps>>>


Upon Bishop Absalons castle you currently got Christiansborg slot(Christiansfort castle) and in the castle you are able to see what archeologists found beneath the castle from the 12:th century.


You also find christmas market in Nyhavn.


Here you find more of small things to decorate your home but also different kinds of food. Everywhere the restaurants, pubs and cafees are advertising about ”julefrokost” that means christmas lunch. This is often a kind of feast on all companies in Denmark and are known for getting all members drunk or having an affair with the collegues.
Take a good jackets, a good pair of boots on your feet, a hat on the head and visit Copenhagen before christmas. Youll get a lot of good ideas for christmas gifts.
I wish you all a happy Christmas and new year.

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