Close to Stroeget you´ve got Kobmagergade


If you turn left at Hojbroplads instead of following stroeget to Nyhavn
youll gonna follow Kobmagergade to Runde Tarn(round tower) who is a tower built in 1642. The tower is an integration in the Trinitus church(also called student church) and was ordered by King Christian IV in 1635. The reason to this project where that one of the kings astronoms, professor Christian Longomontanus, wanted a new observatory that looked like Tycho Brahes on the island Ven. The King agreed and ordered an observatory on the top of the tower. However, he had problems getting good bricks and stones to the building so the king gave order to farmers in Northern Sjaelland to deliver stones down to Copenhagen with the danish armys wagons. He had already taken stones from the walls round copenhagen but needed more. He then got problems getting bricks that where of good quality in Denmark so he had to buy thousand of bricks from Holland. Another problem where that he was not able to find good masons in Denmark so he had to use a dutch mason to get the building in order. These expenditure nearly ruined his bank so he had to steal money from the churches in Norway plus other danish territories so he could afford finishing his work.


The floor from bottom to top is leaning all the way so the king could get up in his wagon. Today there is unicycle-races from bottom to the top. Earlier in 1890:s there was some competitions with the old velicoped to the top. In the seventies the danish riders Ole Ritter and Leif Mortensen tried to get the best time going up to the top and down again without touching the ground with feet. The record where broken by Ole Ritter who managed this track on 55 seconds.


On the top you got a good vies out over Copenhagen. Here you see Malmoe, Kastrup airport and the oresunds-bridge.


The observatory on the top is opened for visitors every tuesday and wednesday evening.
When youve been walking up and down the tower you need to take a real danish sandwich for an affordable price.


On Klareboderne 6 close to rundetaarn, youve got a wonderful little sandwich-shop where you are able to get delicious good looking sandwiches from 2$. These on the picture is some more expensive but tastes good and make you satisfied.


Youll be hungry after looking on all these sandwiches. And I recommend a visit. This place is used by a lot of students because the prices are low but eventhough they got good food.


I tried a luxus with plaice, spawn, shrimps plus salat and payed about 5$ for this with a cup of coffe.
Se more about Rundetarn on and the adress for  Klarebodernes sandwiches on google maps.

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