You got a wonderful bicycle track from Frederikshavn to the nortern top of Denmark called Skagen

grenen skagen

This is a place you’ll have to see during summer in Denmark

Skagen is known for the painters during the 19:th and beginning of 20:th century. Painters like Karl Madsen, Marie and PS Kroyer, Christian Krohg and many other started an art colony up here in 1870:es and the place got very famous for its marvellous light. You are able to see some of the paintings on Grenens art museum . Or wikipedia

On the way to Skagen you are passing some landscapes you don´t see elsewhere. Like the Hulsig moorland where special arts of plants, birds and animals are seen.

lot of heather

Hulsig landmoor

It is a perfect landscape to enjoy with your bicycle. Just a couple of kilometers north from this picture you get to the Skagen village with a lot of restaurants, cafés, museums and cottages to hire. I´ve written some more about this beautiful place on