Most impressive imges is propably these from Lingshan area around 44 kilometers from Wuxi railwaystation. You pay 2 rmb for the bus but 133 for entrance.

The Buddha temple where monks are doing different religous masses. You see some more pictures on>>>

In China you’ve got thousands of exciting markets like this on in Suzhou. On the picture is Li Ji Mei who is working om Snuff bottles. See more on .

They are just incredible detailed. These are painted from inside and the artists use a kind of curved brush to make these beautiful paintings. Read more about markets in china here>>>.

You could actually get some of these on amazon>>>.

Food is another interesting subject in China. Do you think they’ve got something called “five small dishes” in china on the menu? Forget it. They do not know this “western china food”. If you want to taste chinese food the chinese way you’ll have to get here. I’ve written some of the recipes for food here>>>. Remember to buy a good knife, sesame oil, garlic and ginger. You’ll gonna need it.

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